Our Mission

FAE Values

From transparency in supply and design, our business ethics, innovation and our workplace culture, find out what's important to us at FAE. Our mission is set on a future of innovation and inclusivity with minimal impact on the planet, while simultaneously empowering all people who come in contact with FAE.

FAE is proud to be working with i=change donating $1 of every sale to one of the three charities, chosen by our customers at the checkout. i=change allows for us to uphold our commitment to a fair and more sustainable future, everyday. 

Our Charities:


Our Factory

At FAE we aspire to be thoughtful across every step of the way. Our team in Bali is more than just a factory, its a family that has supported the growth of FAE to make it what it is today. We want to make sure that at all stages we are creating a positive impact on th lives of the people who make our swimwear.

Our Employees

  • All employees in Bali received well above the minimum wage. They receive two months wages for a vacation of up to 25 days.
  • Our factory provides free medical insurance to all their employees, including their spouses and children, covering doctor's fees, prescription medications & hospitalisation.
  • Every lunch break, our factory provides a glass of fresh juice, a hot cooked meal and vitamin supplements.
  • Depending on the hours and days worked, overtime is paid at a rate of 1.5 and 3 times hourly rate & is always optional.
  • The work areas are all air-conditioned.

Our Message To You

At FAE we are committed to creating and developing long term partnerships with our factory that share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency. We've realised we need to be there to educate as well as deliver the goods as we too see value in becoming transparant across all aspects of the business. It's a long journey with vast amounts of research on our part, as well as informing and educating anyone we work with on why they should be more transparant too.