George Harper x Irene Miley Hermes

George Harper x Irene Miley Hermes
Welcome to the picturesque shores of Uluwatu Bali, where the sun-kissed beaches and dramatic cascading cliffs create the perfect backdrop for a stunning photoshoot. Join us as we chat with renowned UK photographer George Harper, who recently captured the essence of Bali's beauty in a breathtaking shoot featuring model Irene Miley Hermes. Let's dive into the story behind the lens and discover the magic of this moody paradise.

Uluwatu Bali - A Paradise on Earth
Nestled on the southern coast of Bali, Uluwatu is known for its pristine beaches and awe-inspiring cliffs that provide breathtaking panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The white sandy beaches are surrounded by lush greenery, and the turquoise waters of the ocean create a mesmerizing contrast against the dramatic cliffs. Uluwatu is truly a paradise on earth and a dream destination for photographers and models alike.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is George and I am a photographer from the UK. The surf & ocean are the things that inspired me to pick up a camera when I was 25 after I retired from a career in professional sport.

Irene wears the Honey top and Birdie bottoms in our most-loved Coconut ~ a tonal lurex gingham in chocolate brown. As well as the Honey top and Birdie bottoms in Royale ~ Our latest collaboration with @damariabali An exclusive colour only available to shop at their Da Maria concept store in Bali.

What was the inspiration behind the shoot?
The inspiration for this shoot came from spotting a vintage convertible taxi in Uluwatu. I immediately thought of Irene as the perfect model against the off-yellow colour of the car. I wanted to go for a swimwear vibe against the cliffs in Pandawa. I love the FAE swimwear so I thought about combining these ideas into a shoot. It was actually very overcast when we shot but because of the colours and the mood, the photos came out really well. When we were shooting an orange 1980s vespa drove by and I thought it could look great. The owner kindly agreed for us to take some shots with the scooter.

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