FAE gets fizzy with new Hard FIZZ collab

FAE gets fizzy with new Hard FIZZ collab
Possibly the collab to end all collabs is here: Peach and Vanilla Seltzer, brought to you by our good friends at HARD FIZZ! This is a need, not a want! Sweet! Delicious! Punchy! The brief couldn’t have been more simple and the end result is nothing short of absolute perfection.
The FAE branded flavour was ‘invented’ by founder Bianca Bennetts herself during multiple experiment sessions at the Hard FIZZ brewery, FIZZ HQ, on the Gold Coast and coincides with the launch of our Les Tropiques Summer collection.
For Bianca, it’s a bringing together of her two “babies” as she’s a part owner in Hard FIZZ as well as FAE. So, with no further adieu, let catch up with Bennetts and introduce you to FAE’s exclusive Peach and Vanilla Hard Fizz.
“This collaboration is very personal to me. We wanted something really feminine; I love peach and I love vanilla and together, they’re just so sweet and punchy - like peaches and cream. It was a lot of fun coming into FIZZ HQ and working with the brewer (Paul Wootton) to come up with the flavour. I didn’t really know what I was doing but we tried six or seven different versions until we were all happy,” says Bianca.
So lets break it down.

The inspo was peaches and cream - and voila, Peaches and Vanilla Hard FIZZ.

- It tastes like Peach and Vanilla.
- Still only 77 calories.
- 4% Alcohol (so, it’s easy on tomorrow).

Safe to say, Bianca nailed the flavour and if you ask those very select few who’ve already had a li’l sip, they’d tell you it’s mind blowingly delicious.

And can we just say, the label is absolutely fire!
If you you’ve seen our latest Les Tropiques collection you’ll notice the peachy coloured label is a combination of our lurex check and baroque printed bikinis in ‘Coconut’ and ‘Aloha’.
“(Bikinis and Hard FIZZ) kind of go hand in hand. I imagine poolside, my best girlfriends and I, sunbaking and just loving Peach and Vanilla. I just think it’s a great way to be in the moment and creating those memories that don’t seem to fade,” says Bianca.

For us, Peach and Vanilla is about bringing an ‘experience’ to our new collection, not just a ‘look’ - just imagine, you and your best girlfriends, around a pool or at the dayclub, sun’s out, bun’s out, what on earth could make that moment better? Peach and Vanilla, duh!

Hard FIZZ pride themselves on letting the good times roll; well that just sounds like a peachy li’l scenario (pun intended) that we don’t want to miss out on.

And where can you get it?
1000 litres and 2000 cans of the flavour have been produced, which is exclusively available for purchase on the Hard FIZZ website from November 17 and on tap at FIZZ HQ.
So what’s next?

Bianca and her FAE darlings will be on the Peach and Vanilla at the launch of their new summer collection at Tuchuzy in Bondi on November 19th.

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